• Orange County, CA Chapter Event featuring Phil Zuckerman speaking on "What It Means To Be Moral: Why Religion Is Not Necessary for Living an Ethical Life"

    AU-OC Presents: Professor Phil Zuckerman

    What It Means to Be Moral: Why Religion Is Not Necessary for Living an Ethical Life

    2:00 pm PT

    Phil Zuckerman is a professor of sociology and secular studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. He is also a regular affiliated professor at Claremont Graduate University, and he has been a guest professor for two years at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

    Phil Zuckerman is a prolific author including “Living the Secular Life” and “What it Means to Be Moral: Why Religion Is Not Necessary for Living an Ethical Life.” About Phil, David Brooks of the NY Times wrote ““As secularism becomes more prominent and self-confident, its spokesmen have more insistently argued that secularism should not be seen as an absence — as a lack of faith — but rather as a positive moral creed. Phil Zuckerman, a Pitzer College sociologist, makes this case as fluidly and pleasurably as anybody in his book, Living the Secular Life.”

    In 2011, Phil founded the first Secular Studies department in the nation. Secular Studies is an interdisciplinary program focusing on manifestations of the secular in societies and cultures, past and present. Secular Studies entails the study of non-religious people, groups, thought, and cultural expressions. Emphasis is placed upon the meanings, forms, relevance, and impact of political/constitutional secularism, philosophical skepticism, and personal and public secularity.

    Zoom Info: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89059045130?pwd=RVd5Y1IzVW1aQ2UySjg4S2pJQUdPQT09

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  • Orange County, CA Chapter presents "Evolution in the Public Schools: Progress is Possible"

    Evolution in the Public Schools: Progress is Possible

    With guest speaker:

    Glenn Branch
    Deputy Director, NCSE

    Saturday, August 21, 2021
    2:00 pm Pacific Time

    Ever since the Scopes trial of 1925, the public has been fascinated by tales of creationism and evolution in the public schools. But what is in fact taught about evolution in the public schools these days? In his talk, Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education will discuss the results of a recent representative national survey of American public high school biology teachers and middle school science teachers. Among the important findings: while only a bare majority of high school biology teachers presented evolution as the scientific consensus in 2007, about two thirds of them did so in 2019. So, progress is possible!

    Glenn Branch is deputy director of the National Center for Science Education (www.ncse.ngo), a non-profit organization that supports and defends the teaching of evolution and climate change. He received the Evolution Education Award for 2020 from the National Association of Biology Teachers.

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  • Orange County, CA Chapter presents "Confronting Christian Nationalism"

    Confronting Christian Nationalism
    Facilitated by Rev. Nancy Brink

    2:00 pm PT


    Panel discussion from the Baptist Joint Committee

    This webinar is an exploration of how we are identifying and responding to the dangers of Christian nationalism in the wake of the January 6th insurrection. The panelists are The Most Rev. Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church; The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; and Dr. Andrew L. Whitehead, Associate Professor of Sociology at Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis.

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  • South Jersey AU Network Zoom Meeting

    Summer 2021 Court Decisions

    7:00 PM Eastern Time

    Please send an e-mail to Gloria at amgovern@aol.com for the Zoom link.

    This is an organizational meeting coupled with a discussion.

  • Maryland Chapter Tabling at Westminster Pride

    Booth at Westminster Pride


    We need a few people to talk to people and distribute brochures. If you are uncomfortable talking to people, you can help by bringing food and water, or you can assist with setup or cleanup.

    You can sign up on Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/churchandstate-33/events/278695562/) or by posting a comment to the Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/550462766330111/). Please note in your response whether you can attend the entire event (12noon-6pm) or if not, the time frame you can cover.

    If you are interested in learning more about AU, this is an excellent opportunity to stop by our booth, take some brochures, and chat with us. More information about Westminster Pride Festival can be found on their website (https://www.westminsterpride.org/)

    For more info: Email aumd.info@gmail.com or contact us via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AUMaryland

  • Maryland Chapter Monthly Meeting

    Please join us online to discuss current events and plan activities. We are planning to attend multiple festivals in person and looking for volunteers.

    Meeting: https://meet.google.com/rja-dexs-igv

    For more info: 


  • Orange County, CA Chapter Event featuring Dannie Cesena on "Health Care Collaborations for the LBGTQ Community"

    Health Care Collaborations for the LBGTQ Community
    Presented by
    Dannie Cesena

    2:00 pm PDT

    Zoom link
    Meeting ID: 980 3467 8918
    Passcode: 593835

    Dannie Ceseña has over 15 years of experience working with non-profits in program development and advocacy. He has extensive knowledge in creating TGNCI (Transgender, Gender Nonconforming People & Intersex) healthcare collaborations utilizing upstream interventions and addressing the root cause of lack of access to TGNCI affirming health care. His knowledge and leadership have assisted in the creation of two TGNCI community health care clinics, and a monthly TGNCI legal clinic, in Orange County CA. Dannie has become a trusted leader in LGBTQ health among partners in the California Tobacco Control Program. He is responsible for building We Breathe: Supporting Tobacco-Free LGBTQ Communities from the ground-up, and has established the program as a leader statewide, nationally, and even internationally. 

    He has provided leadership and guidance for LGBTQ organizations who are new to working with the Department of Public Health, helping them navigate the complicated bureaucracy and ensuring LGBTQ project staff always have a place to turn with their questions and concerns. He is in high demand to present on LGBTQ health at trainings, meetings, and conferences throughout the country, and internationally.

    He is a graduate of CSU Long Beach with Bachelor Degrees in English and Political Science, and is a graduate of National University with a Master Degree in Public Health. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and traveling with his wife and dog.

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  • Nashville Chapter's 20th Anniversary Virtual Celebration

    Nashville AU’s Virtual 20th Anniversary

    May 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM CT


    Invited guests
    – Founding Members
    – Rob Boston, AU’s Senior Adviser and Editor of Church & State magazine, AU’s award winning publication. The magazine, in print, or online format, is available to paid up members of AU.
    – YOU!

    Rob, who has worked at Americans United since 1987, is the author of four books: Close Encounters with the Religious Right: Journeys into the Twilight Zone of Religion and Politics (Prometheus Books, 2000); The Most Dangerous Man in America? Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition (Prometheus Books, 1996); Why the Religious Right Is Wrong About Separation of Church and State (Prometheus Books, 1993; second edition, 2003) and, most recently, Taking Liberties: Why Religious Freedom Doesn’t Give You The Right To Tell Other People What To Do (Prometheus Books, 2014).

    Please have your beverage of choice ready and join us in toasting this auspicious occasion.

    Contact info@nashville-au.org for more information


  • Triad NC Chapter presents Dr. Bill Leonard speaking on "White Religious Nationalism”

    The Triad Chapter invites you to a presentation by guest speaker Dr. Bill Leonard on

    "White Religious Nationalism”

    Did the Trump presidency fuel a resurgence of white racism that has been a part of our nation since the first slaves arrived on our shores? What role does religious ideology play in this new rise of white nationalism? These are extremely important questions we need to address as we struggle to be a more perfect nation.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2021
    7:00 PM Eastern

    Zoom Link

    Dr. Bill Leonard is the founding dean of the Wake Forest University Divinity School. Dr. Leonard received his B.A degree from Texas Wesleyan College, the Master of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Ph.D. at Boston University. He also did post doctoral research at Yale University.

    Dr. Leonard is a national authority of American Church History and is the author or editor of 25 books. He is also a member of First Baptist Church on Highland Avenue.

    All persons are invited to attend and also join the discussion period. For more info and to get updates from the chapter, please contact aunctriad@gmail.com.

  • Atlantic Coast Chapter hosts guest speaker Dr. Sarah Butzin

    Dr. Sarah (Sally) Butzin, President, League of Women Voters of Tallahassee and lead author of the controversial “Step Up for Students-Preliminary Investigative Report” will be the guest speaker at a Zoom meeting of the Atlantic Coast (Florida) Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Thursday, April 22nd at 7 p.m. The report highlights Step Up for Students (StepUpForStudents.org), a SFO (Scholarship Funding Organization) that awards and manages tax credit scholarships for the state of Florida using hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to fund scholarships to private, mostly religious, schools.

    Zoom link information is available on request from atlanticcoastau@gmail.com.  All are welcome, there is no charge for this event.  For additional information contact the Atlantic Coast Chapter of AU at 804-914-4460.