Services and programs funded with public money should serve everyone equally. But some government employees, and some organizations that receive tax dollars to provide social services, continue to try to use religion as a reason to discriminate against others.

Government officials are public servants and should treat all Americans equally and fairly. For example, no couple should be denied a marriage license at the clerk’s office or endure harassment at the hands of a government employee. And families shouldn’t face discrimination from government officials who use religion as an excuse to refuse to do their jobs.

Religious organizations have argued that they should be allowed to take taxpayer funds to run government programs and then decide who they serve or what services they’ll provide based on their religion. If allowed, that means people could be denied services because they are LGBTQ, the "wrong" faith, a non-believer, a woman who uses birth control – or any other reason that conflicts with the providers’ religious beliefs.

Americans United is fighting to make sure that religion is never used as a reason to discriminate by government-funded institutions.

Protect thy Neighbor